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Memo for  Tressor (75 Valencia)


Multi-tenant and Office building environments 

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Dear Rudy, Carlos, and Building Management

Supply+Demand, Labor and Price Surge

  • Labor+Supply&Demand has increased exponentially. Attributing to high demand in labor + supplies. The market is experiencing long term shortages in both. As a result, you may see an increase in pricing without notice, or prices of supplies may change from the original quote to the delivery based on a number of circumstances [ie. suppliers sold out of supplies last minute, sold to a hospital or purchasing group, purchase order approval delays, or circumstances beyond our control that cause us to source a change in supplier or purchase from non-traditional sources]. 

  • We will do everything possible to source all requests, but please understand essential supplies are to be rationed in response to scarcity.

  • All sales are final and we won't be accepting refunds, returns, or price matches, invoice disputes during the market surge. Payment terms are COD across all janitorial supplies distributors. 

  • The additional effort required for cleaning will be adjusted accordingly to match market wages to prevent losing any employees to our competition. The same applies to security services. 

  • Change in cleaning schedule, frequencies, and disinfection or enhanced services like electro-static fogging were provided free since Tressor is a very important key account of HMS. Once reopening is official, there will be an additional cost due to the increase in labor, supply, and demands. All pricing is final. 

  • All pricing will be per market and we are committed to fair pricing structures for both supplies and labor in good faith, however to meet demands it will require customers' cooperation. 

  • All sourcing of supplies is performed under the best effort exhausting all available resources. 


Your HMS Team. 

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