Stopping the spread of Coronavirus together

Evolving from good old handshakes to alternative handshakes.


Our partnership will bring you a healthy curated workspace every day. 

MAGNUS is investing to maintain your workspace using technology that exceeds the minimum requirements established by the guidelines. Our service is using hospital grade disinfection and procedures, but it's only as good as everyone following CDC, OSHA guidelines, and helping our service maintain your workspace.


Read below for tips on how you can contribute to a healthy work environment and stop the spread of COVID19.

In this post, you will find information about

The process takes place during total office disinfection:
Watch this short video clip of a part of the procedure performed in your office:
Our fogger converts a hospital-grade disinfectant into a micro-mist that will reach deep into every surface and cover a wide area.
Magnus was treated with this solution. 


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Stay safe, protect yourself and those around you.


Juan Camilo Perez, MPA

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